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Category: presentation

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Si Media

Creating a stylish pitch deck for Si Media.
Doctor Logic

Doctor Logic

Creating a corporate powerpoint template for Doctor Logic, digital marketing agency, out of Plano, TX.
SOHO Remy Cointreau

Rémy Cointreau

Creating a beautiful, Rémy Cointreau pitch deck for a SoHo experiential pitch meeting.
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Lucky Dog Construction

Creating a sell sheet leave-behind for Lucky Dog Construction to match their presentation that we designed.
Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Creating a report on Project Ruby for Johnson & Johnson to present internally.
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Imagine H2O

Creating an annual report in presentation format for Imagine H2O.
Life Solutionz


Creating a corporate brand and pitch deck for LifeSolutionz out of Salem, NC.
Bright Farms

Bright Farms

Creating a corporate pitch deck for Bright Farms, supplier of nationwide local produce 365 days a year.
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Creating a corporate pitch deck for an Agricultural Community App in the tech space.
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ILA Capital

Creating an on-brand presentation deck template for ILA Capital, out of Boston, MA.