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Branding & Logo Design

Simply03 was looking to polish their logo and overall look and feel. Their goal was to convey cleanliness, safety, trustworthiness, and a more clinical look. We achieved this with some colour theory, by utilizing soft greys, blues, and purples.

Once the logo was established, we were able to pull together a great deal of different assets for the client. Scroll down for a detailed look into the other items we created.

Building a memorable brand starts with a strong logo, and grows with coordinating marketing pieces that speak to your clientele.


Other Assets

The first deliverable was a set of three user manuals for three different devices that the client provides. These really set the tone for the rest of the project, and gave the client a clear understanding of the direction the brand was headed. We then moved forward with flyers, a trifold brochure, business cards, and trade-show items. Scroll down for more details on these pieces.


Putting It All Together

With a keen eye and a knack for differentiating brand presence, these business cards should stand the test of time for the client. Being modern, yet staying away from big design trends, this design won’t fall apart when the next trend wave comes along.

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