Esme + Sita


Branding & Logo Design

The owners of health-food manufacturer, Esme + Sita, came to me in search of something that brought all of the pieces together for them that made their company what it is today.

Hints to their home country combined with design elements that they felt best represented their brand – all while maintaining a modern, clean, and easily-understood mark.

The art of branding across many mediums is
consistency in look, feel, & voice.

Beautiful Bars

A trio of perfectly packaged organic seed bars with colour differentiation to highlight their individuality, all while staying on brand. Paired with an upscale packaging feature ‘window’ allowing the actual bar to show-through.

A nod to the transparency of the ingredients and the organic nature of the bars.


Perfectly Packaged Powders

Perfectly pure organic powders needed a gorgeous, eye-grabbing package. Something that really stood out on the shelf from competitors and highlighting the fact that these are 100% organic.


Superstar Sell-Sheets

Your sell-sheet is important. Your first impression is part of the puzzle, but your sell-sheet is how your clients will remember you and your products.

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