Central Ontario
Veterinary Services


Branding & Logo Design

Formerly known as Hunnisett & Warder, this large animal veterinary clinic came to us in search of discovering their new identity. With new owners at the helm and a desire to modernize their brand, we tackled this job and came to a solution that the owners absolutely loved.

With our attention to detail and a passion for creating a harmonized brand, we dove into finding the right colour palette, mark, and personality for this new brand.

Our process always starts with
moodboards and photographic inspiration.

Brand Voice

Classic, yet modern, with a nod to the organic by way of the animal imagery, use of colours and tones, and the patterns that would accompany this brand. A soft, subtle sage green, accompanied by bold natural neutrals. A brand that breathes, looks ultra-clean and professional, and conveys a sense of stability and organization.

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