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How we do what we do.


Setting the stage.

We start every project with discovery which takes the shape of a kickoff call and often times a deep-dive document that helps us understand needs, possible points of differentiation, and your goals. This first step of our process really helps us align everything and understand likes, dislikes, and desired direction.

Mask group 66 1 Discovery document


What to expect when you’re concepting.

Once we have a general path to follow based on the information garnered from the kickoff call and deep-dive document, we begin to ideate and put digital pen to paper in a few different visual directions.

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Concept presentation deck


Perfecting the piece.

Once we’ve honed in on the concept we’ll be moving forward with, we take the time to revise and finalize our given direction.

divergeBrochure 1 1 One of our finished pieces